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Curso Para Conserto de Celular

Curso Conserto de Celular

Hoje em dia o celular se tornou uma ferramenta indispensável, pois usamos o celular para quase tudo: se comunicar com as pessoas, agenda, GPS, guardar arquivos, chamar transporte, banco, e tantas outras, por isso um bom curso conserto de celular trará retornos garantidos.

Com o tempo os defeitos aparecem e não são raros, nem restritos a pessoas que deixam os aparelhos caírem com frequência. Por mais que você trate seu gadget com todo o cuidado, existe a obsolescência programada – que, na prática, significa que ele tem prazo de validade.  Aí, de repente, o aparelho pifa. Pronto! Parece que nada funciona, não é? Mas o conserto do celular vale à pena?

Em nosso curso completo de manutenção e reparo de celulares, vamos ensinar não só a ser mais um trocador de peças no mercado, mas sim fazer o conserto e reparo da placa eletrônica do celular, o nosso curso é feito com consertos ao vivo em assistência técnica com mais de 8 anos de experiência no mercado responsável pelo conserto e reparo de 12.000 aparelhos celulares.

Conserto de Celular

Assistência Técnica de Celular


Não perca mais tempo!

Comece agora seu negócio e monte sua assistência técnica com o curso conserto de celular. Você pode parcelar em até 12 vezes.

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Sucesso à todos!


Does it compensate for cell phone repair?

Today the phone is a widely used device and you will learn which of the mobile Curso Conserto de Celular. We can not be without him. With this you can communicate with people, scheduling, GPS, save files, call forwarding, bank and so many others.

And when the machine goes down, what to do? Ready! It seems like your life has stopped, has not it? Think well make up for repairing the cell phone?

Defects are common, regardless of people’s seal or whether they let the devices drop frequently. even if you treat your smartphone with care, there is programmed obsolescence – which means it has expiration date.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Cellular Repair

Even if you love your smartphone, if it starts to flaw, in this case it is worth thinking carefully about whether we should actually send for repair.

Firstly, he can stay in the technical assistance for almost a month, depending on the problem. So you’ll need to fix a device that “breaks the branch,” with half the functions you need, through friends or relatives.

Some assistance even provides a simple cell phone for the customer until the phone is ready. But the device provided is simple does not have the configuration you need.

The price of the repair is another issue, just as an example, the price of repairing a MotoG can easily reach 55% of a new appliance. The same thing happens with the iPhone.

Just to change the model 6 Plus screen is expensive, cost more than $ 1,000 – this makes a lot of people end up using the cell phone with the same screen broken.

Unauthorized shops charge cheaper. But it has the disadvantage of not being repaired by brand-specific technicians and not having the guarantee, that is, any other defect is more an expensive expense. Not to mention that if it is within the warranty, it loses the factory warranty.

These Are the Best Cell Phone Repair Alternatives

If you send for assistance and cost half a new smartphone, it is worth considering the purchase of a new service that has already gone through all the maintenance processes and is well functioning and guaranteed.

In this way the investment is worth it, and can even roll an upgrade to that model you are dating.

For the old cell phone, there is the option is to resell it by the Redial website, after the recovery, it can be well taken advantage of by another person. With this you still get a buck.

With the sale will help pay for the new acquisition.

Have Your Own Business

Another option, more for either working in the field is to do a good Repair Cell Phone + Smartphone + Tablet Course. The course aims to train professionals to maintain cell phones, smartphones and tablets in general, quickly and objectively.

With the curriculum you will learn a very profitable profession, and you can study as many times as you want because the course is completely online.

Who is this course for?

  • Indicated for both sexes,
  • For IT Technicians or Electronics (maintenance of notebooks, computers and printers),
  • Retailers of accessories and cell phones (shopkeepers selling cellphones and accessories that are losing services for not knowing how to do or for outsourcing),
  • All the people who want to set up their own business or who are behind an extra income,
  • People who want to change jobs and seek a new business opportunity,
    For unemployed people and seek a new job opportunity.

What will you receive in this Mobile Maintenance Course?

With the Curso Conserto de Celular the student can attend classes as many times as he wants and from any place with internet since it is totally Online. Do not waste any more time.

Here are some of the advantages of this course, now up to 2017:

There are more than 30 hours of content,
From Basic to Advanced,
Total of 80 videos lessons in HD,
It shows 40 live repairs of handsets,
Has a Handout and Certificate of Completion,
Has Post Course Support through the Telegram Application,
Indicates Suppliers,
Shows Where to Buy Tools,
Detailed Documentation and Assistance Information,
Also For Apple Repair, iPhone 5 and 6,
For Samsung, Motorola, LG, Nokia and Sony Devices,
It has Software Classes, Hard Reset,
Has Backup, Installation of Rom Firmware,
You can watch as many times as you like the classes.

Wish Success to all!