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Cellular Base Station Installation & Maintenance Challenges

CellAdvisor Solutions Marketing at Viavi Solutions looks at some of the challenges facing the set up and maintenance of mobile base stations.
Up until relatively recently, much of the real radio equipment at a cell or telco network cell tower was safely and conveniently stored in the cabinet on the ground or near to the foundation of the site. A coaxial cable connected the radio gear to the antennae at the top of the tower.

This meant that the installation crew, and particularly the cell tower riggers, could check the quality of the RF signal being received in the cabinet without the need to climb the tower.

Of course, plenty of the maintenance required at the tower would still involve a climb, especially if the check on the RF signal at ground level showed a fault, but a good number of checks could be carried out on the ground.

Today’s maintenance challenges
Fast forward to today, and the situation is changing. Modern cell sites use a distributed architecture in which Baseband units (BBU) are either located at the foot of a tower or located at a remote distance at a BBU hub. In this case it is likely to serve not just the antennae at the top of that tower, but a chain of other towers as well. What’s more, at the top of each of those towers, close to the antenna array is the Remote Radio Head (RRH) which contains the actual radio equipment (RE).

To add to the complexity – but also improve signal Curso Conserto de Celular quality – instead of traditional coax cable, fibre is frequently used to connect the RE equipment in the RRH to the other radio heads and to the REC gear at the BBU hub, serving the towers.

Today, riggers installing and checking the sites, often need to climb the towers with full pack of advanced technical test equipment, as well as the more physical tools of their trade – such as spanners, wrenches, hammers and multiple screwdrivers.

Recently we spoke to cell tower riggers in both the USA and the UK, looking to get a feeling for how difficult their jobs had become, and what companies like ours could do to make it better. In many ways, the riggers are the unsung heroes of the telecoms world, carrying out highly specialised tasks in often dangerous circumstances and challenging environmental conditions.

Each day, their role can involve a multitude of tasks such as installation, commissioning and decommissioning, dismantling and removal of equipment from great curso manutenção celular heights be they masts, towers, pylons or rooftops. They are also involved in the earthing, labelling, and testing of feeder cables and optical fiber; as well as the inspection and testing of Outdoor Units (ODUs), Indoor Units (IDUs), Splitters and the CPN testing and auditing of rigging set up. The list is endless.

Small wonder then that more than three-quarters of the riggers we spoke to said that they now needed between 20 and 50 per cent more time at each site to carry out the required maintenance work. What’s more, some 67 per cent of UK riggers believe their job is becoming more and more complex with almost half of the riggers adding that it has become both costly and dangerous to carry out testing at the top of a tower. Hardly surprising either that having lighter, and easier to carry equipment was high on the rigger’s wish list, alongside machines that could perform multiple tasks – preferably from the ground.

Distributed architectures
The move to a distributed architecture with the RF units much closer to the antennae and the use of fibre to link the equipment has undoubtedly boosted signal quality and improved performance. But the riggers could be seen to be the ones paying the price – especially as all the RF functions for each tower are at the RRH meaning that interference analysis needs to be undertaken at the top of the tower. That means higher operational costs and increased security concerns.

The role that standards have to play in tackling these challenges and making life easier for the riggers should not be underestimated. The major network equipment vendors – including Ericsson, Huawei, NEC, and Nokia (which now includes Alcatel-Lucent) – co-operated to define a specification for the communication between the BBU and the RRH. The specification, known as the common public radio interface (CPRI) has quickly become the industry standard for the internal interface between cell towers in a distributed architecture.

The same companies, together with ZTE and Samsung, also worked together on the Open Foundation Station Architecture Initiative (OBSAI) which defines a set of specifications underpinning the architecture, functions and minimum requirements for integrating common modules in a mobile network foundation station (BTS). In particular, this governs the interchange of user and signalling data between the BBU and the RRH.

Standards for these types of interfaces might be driven by operators wanting to multi-source equipment but the difference they make to the riggers’ job in terms of maintenance and troubleshooting should not be under-estimated either.

The CPRI interface was also specifically designed to help enable flexible cell site architectures by defining a serialised interface to allow for the different topologies of network – be they simply chained, a tree and branch configuration, or a ring network. The development of a mechanism and process to analyse the RF performance of multiple RRHs from the BBU hub is one significant step forward that can increase maintenance efficiency and reduce the number of tower climbs required.

When you’re in the market for the cell

phone, be sure you shop different companies for the greatest charges. A lot of suppliers offer you the precise exact same telephones for great discounts if you are ready to indication a contract. Just ensure to also examine out the attached programs, due to the fact occasionally saving about the phone isn’t really worthwhile if the program will probably be more expensive while in the conclude.

Try out not to take updates which can be in excess of the air or apps that can take a lot of memory from a phone. This can lower its overall performance while in the long term and lessen the processing electrical power that it’s. Just be sure you only include everything you need on your own mobile phone to preserve memory.

When looking for a mobile cellphone, think about the characteristics that you simply actually need. Phones provide a large amount of attributes in the present market place, which includes World wide web entry, cameras as well as the capacity to perform various applications. Whilst every one of these characteristics are wonderful, it’d not be well worth paying for probably the most expensive phone should you will not likely use them. Consider carefully ahead of creating your ultimate selection.

Often signing a longer expression deal is worthwhile to have the mobile phone you desire. Some providers will offer you the top rates Curso Conserto de Celular in the event you are prepared to indication on for their provider for the calendar year or two. Just make certain you’re ready to commit to the deal, because ending the term early can value a lot in penalties.

To increase the battery daily life of your respective cellphone, make sure that apps aren’t running while in the background all the time. Some apps will keep on to operate until you disable them, which can drain your battery rapidly. Verify your options to find out whatever you should do in an effort to switch these applications off and make your battery previous longer.

When your cell phone is performing little by little following an operating technique upgrade, it might be time for a alternative. This can be especially true for more mature phones. It may be so previous the new functioning program is too memory intense to work smoothly with your telephone. Talk with a provider to view what your choices are.

Mindful about seeing movie if you are making use of 4G or LTE signal. Your mobile mobile phone program very likely will come having a data allowance for that thirty day period. Movie rips right through this allowance, which means you may possibly finish up becoming billed a lot more relatively rapidly. If you end up often likely over, you could wish to examine a new prepare.

Will not often hurry to update towards the most current cellphone. At times it’s not worthwhile. Businesses modify their telephones frequently, but at times the manutenção de celular updates are minimal. Check out the evaluations for the new cellphone just before purchasing it to make positive you actually must up grade. In several cases, you need to do not.

Beware of locations with poor cell mobile phone reception. A bad signal is not just irritating, it is also a true drain on your own battery. Even when you’re not utilizing your mobile cellphone, having it turned on in an area that gets poor mobile mobile phone reception can drain your battery entirely.

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When you’re out there to get a mobile

phone, be sure to shop distinct vendors to the best charges. Several vendors offer the precise identical phones for nice discounts should you are ready to indicator a deal. Just make sure to also verify out the attached strategies, simply because occasionally preserving about the phone just isn’t worth it in the event the strategy is going to be costlier in the stop.

Consider to not take updates which are above the air or applications which will just take a lot of memory from the phone. This can reduce its overall performance while in the future and decrease the processing electrical power that it’s. Make sure that you only incorporate what you require on your own telephone to preserve memory.

When buying a mobile telephone, consider the characteristics which you actually need. Phones give a lots of features in today’s marketplaceCurso de Reparo de Smartphone like World wide web obtain, cameras and also the power to execute various applications. Whilst most of these features are wonderful, it might not be value paying for one of the most pricey phone should you won’t rely on them. Consider carefully ahead of creating your closing assortment.

Occasionally signing a longer term agreement is worthwhile to obtain the phone you want. Some vendors will provide the most effective charges should you are willing to sign on for their services for the yr or two. Just make certain you happen to be prepared to decide to the contract, simply because ending the expression early can expense a great deal in penalties.

To extend the battery daily life of your respective cellphone, make certain that applications will not be operating in the qualifications continually. Some applications will proceed to operate until you disable them, and this can drain your battery swiftly. Check your configurations to find out whatever you need to do as a way to flip these applications off and make your battery last lengthier.

If your mobile cellphone is performing slowly following an functioning program up grade, it may well be time for any substitute. This is very true for more mature telephones. It could be so conserto de celular previous that the new functioning program is just too memory intense to work smoothly in your phone. Talk having a provider to find out what your choices are.

Cautious about watching movie when you find yourself utilizing 4G or LTE sign. Your mobile telephone prepare likely comes with a knowledge allowance for that thirty day period. Online video rips all through this allowance, so you may conclude up getting charged a lot more fairly speedily. Should you end up usually going above, you might want to investigate a fresh prepare.

Will not constantly rush to update for the most recent cellphone. Often it is not worthwhile. Businesses modify their telephones frequently, but often the updates are minor. Verify out the reviews for any new cellphone before purchasing it to produce sure you actually ought to upgrade. In many cases, you do not.

Watch out for areas with very poor cell mobile phone reception. A foul signal is not only frustrating, additionally it is a real drain on your own battery. Even if you’re not using your cell mobile phone, getting it turned on within an area that will get poor mobile cellphone reception can drain your battery totally.

Curso Para Conserto de Celular

Curso Conserto de Celular

Hoje em dia o celular se tornou uma ferramenta indispensável, pois usamos o celular para quase tudo: se comunicar com as pessoas, agenda, GPS, guardar arquivos, chamar transporte, banco, e tantas outras, por isso um bom curso conserto de celular trará retornos garantidos.

Com o tempo os defeitos aparecem e não são raros, nem restritos a pessoas que deixam os aparelhos caírem com frequência. Por mais que você trate seu gadget com todo o cuidado, existe a obsolescência programada – que, na prática, significa que ele tem prazo de validade.  Aí, de repente, o aparelho pifa. Pronto! Parece que nada funciona, não é? Mas o conserto do celular vale à pena?

Em nosso curso completo de manutenção e reparo de celulares, vamos ensinar não só a ser mais um trocador de peças no mercado, mas sim fazer o conserto e reparo da placa eletrônica do celular, o nosso curso é feito com consertos ao vivo em assistência técnica com mais de 8 anos de experiência no mercado responsável pelo conserto e reparo de 12.000 aparelhos celulares.

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